Welcome to iGeneration

We are an open-minded young internet company which delivers many kinds of internet services and develops new internet-based ideas. Everything is possible so do not hesitate to share your views with us.

iGeneration has moved to the Cloud

Today we have moved all our services and websites to the Cloud! No more hassle with hardware updates & fixes. Our servers are hosted by TransIP which is a reliable partner located in Amsterdam. For more information about the hardware & network please check out our about page.

New primary domain

Our primary domain is now We had a little trouble with our old domain while moving to a new registrar. Everything works fine now. Please use our new domain for every type of service you would have used our .info domain for (for example becomes

Servers moved to new datacenter

Again, all our servers are moved to a new datacenter. The company that owns this datacenter is called Eweka. Next to the datacenter Eweka also owns and manages a very big network on which we are connected. Please visit our about page for more information.